Public baths

The public bath is open 24 hours a day. The large bathroom that can be used for men’s and women’s changes by the timetable (between 21:00~21:30) . Spring water type: The simple sulfur spring Curative for: a skin disease, rheumatism, diabetes, constipation, joint pain, fatigue recovery, woman’s illness



The floor of a Japanese-style room is completely covered with ’tatami’ made from rush straw; one mat measures 6×3 feet. The size of a room is indicated by the number of mats it contains: 3, 4, 4.5, 6 or more tatamis. You will find in your room a ’ tokonoma’ (an alcove in the guest room), ‘fusuma’ (a set of sliding doors), ‘shoji’ (sliding screens covered with white Japanese paper on thin wood laths admitting a soft diffused outside light to the room), ‘zabuton’ (floor cushions), etc.




From ancient times, Japanese have shown a preference for enjoying the natural flavor of food. In this sense, Japanese cultural traditions are expressed in the nation’s cuisine. Japanese cooking therefore is simple and unaffected when compared with that of other countries. Food seasoned in a manner which preserves or further enhances the essential, natural flavor of the raw ingredients, is the basis of Japanese cuisine. You have all meals at the your room.



Please remove your shoes at the entrance of the inn and change into the slippers provided. You will be escorted to your room. Kindly remove your slippers before entering your room.



JR trains to JR Noboribetsu Sta.

[From JR Shin-Chitose Sta.]
Take a train form JR Shin-Chitose Sta. one stop to JR Minami-Chitose Sta. Transfer to a train bound for Muroran or Hakodate, and get off at JR Noboribetsu Sta. ( 45 min. by limited express).

[From JR Sapporo Sta.]
Take a train bound for Muroran or Hakodate. It gets off at the JR Noboribetsu Sta. ( 70 min. by limited express)

From JR Noboribetsu Sta. to Oyado-kiyomizuya.

Take a bus bound for “Noboribetsu Onsen (spa) ” and get off at “ Noboribetsu Onsen terminal” 15min. 380yen o/w.
Telephone a hotel ( kiyomizuya ) after arrival. It comes to the greeting. (Tel 83-2145)

Take a taxi to the our hotel (15 min.). Abut 2,500 yen.

The use by bus from the Shin-Chitose airport to Noboribetsu Onsen bus tarminal.

Ride Muroran line “ Hayabusa-go ” at the Shin- Chitose airport. (70 min.)
It transfers to the shuttle bus when getting off the expressway in Noboribetsu. Later, it sends it to the hotel for the purpose. (1.330 yen)

・In the railroad ticket to the Noboribetsu spa, at “ Dounan bus counter ” in the Shin-Chitose airport, in case of buying seeking, always give a shuttle ticket with the receipt.